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South Florida Water Management District

Tropical Conditions Report

11:40AM Thursday, September 16, 2021 (eps)


Current Conditions:


Tropical Storm Force or Greater Winds Within 48 Hours:  No




An area of low pressure is generating showers and thunderstorms about 250 miles south-southeast of North Carolina.  A tropical depression is forecast to develop in this system over the next couple of days as it moves north and then northeast away from the District.  This system is not a threat to the District. 


A westward moving tropical wave is producing showers and thunderstorms about 800 miles west-southwest of the Cape Verde Islands.  A tropical depression is forecast to develop in this system over the next few days as it moves across the tropical Atlantic.  A developing system would most likely move more northwestward and then northward through a break in the high pressure ridge located to its north.  It is unlikely that this system would become a threat to the District.   


A new tropical wave is moving off the west coast of Africa.  If a system were to develop in this wave, it would most likely move more northward and not be a threat to the District.


The remnant low of Nicholas is expected to meander around near Louisiana over the next few days before exiting northward ahead of an approaching cold front Monday.    


Elsewhere, tropical cyclone development is not expected over the next 5 days.




National Hurricane Center 5-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook:





Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 with about 80% of tropical storms and hurricanes developing during August, September, and October.  Since 1989, some portion of the District has been impacted by one or more named storms 3 out of 4 seasons, one or more hurricanes every 4 seasons, and one or more major hurricane every 8 seasons.



-Tropical Depression    20 knots/23 mph

-Tropical Storm         34 knots/39 mph

-Category 1 Hurricane   64 knots/74 mph

-Category 2 Hurricane   83 knots/96 mph

-Category 3 Hurricane   96 knots/111 mph

-Category 4 Hurricane   113 knots/130 mph

-Category 5 Hurricane   137 knots/157 mph



*Ana (AH-nah)                 *Larry (LAIR-ree)

*Bill (bill)                  *Mindy (MIN-dee)

*Claudette (klaw-DET)         *Nicholas (NIH-kuh-luss)

*Danny (DAN-ee)               Odette (oh-DEHT)

*Elsa (EL-suh)                Peter (PEE-tur)

*Fred (frehd)                 Rose (rohz)

*Grace (grayss)               Sam (sam)

*Henri (ahn-REE)              Teresa (tuh-REE-suh)

*Ida (EYE-duh)                Victor (VIK-tur)

*Julian (JOO-lee-uhn)         Wanda (WAHN-duh)

*Kate (kayt)